Who to Contact

You may already have us on speed dial, but just in case here is a contact list of our top-notch team of wealth advisory professionals.


Travis Hutchinson, CFP®

Managing Member/Partner and Wealth Advisor

Phone:  423-933-1826

Email:  thutchinson@hhmwealth.com


Salvatore Geraci, CPA, CFP®

Partner and Wealth advisor

Phone:  423-933-1822

Email:  sgeraci@hhmwealth.com


Andrew Cook, CFP®, AIF®

Wealth Advisor

Phone:  423-933-1825

Email:  acook@hhmwealth.com


Jones Krogh, CPA, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

Phone: 423-933-2106

Email:  jkrogh@hhmwealth.com


Gina Cook

Director of Operations

Phone:  423-933-1816

Email:  gcook@hhmwealth.com


Suzanne Creswell

Client Services Specialist

Phone: 423-933-2090

Email:  screswell@hhmwealth.com

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