Estate and Family Planning

Ensuring your legacy lives on.

Your estate is your legacy and is comprised of everything you own — your cars, home, other real estate, checking, savings and investment accounts, investments, life insurance and personal possessions. Transferring your assets from one generation to another creates a unique opportunity for your family and your circumstances, which can lead to the need for assistance with legacy definition, estate planning, philanthropic planning and more. To support your future vision, HHM Wealth is here to not only help get your wealth transfer ready for your family, but to help get your family ready for the wealth transfer.

After evaluating your current estate and asset structure, we can work with your estate planning attorney to help you develop a plan to most efficiently transfer wealth to your heirs and charitable beneficiaries with the least amount paid in taxes, fees and court costs.

We can work with you and your attorney to coordinate and address the following needs:

  • Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives
  • Family education and awareness of wealth transfer
  • Establishing appropriate vehicles (such as FLP and LLC) for asset protection and wealth transfer
  • Selection of a designated trustee, executor, and/or children’s guardian


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