Nonprofit Portfolio Management

Nonprofit Portfolio Management

HHM Wealth understands the importance of financial planning for mission-driven organizations and foundations. Foundations, whether public or private, endowments, and institutions, are by their nature special investment management cases.

We tailor our investment process to these entities to meet their unique requirements. Our advisors have over 20 years of experience managing nonprofit portfolios. We provide:

  • Assistance with creation, review and implementation of investment policy statements
  • Commitment to face-to-face meetings with the Boards of Directors, Finance and Investment Committees on a regular basis
  • Familiarity with and strategies for various payout policies
  • An understanding of principal and income accounting
  • Comprehension and acceptance of fiduciary standards
  • Investment management of one combined account with multiple time horizons; for example, a short-term operating fund alongside a long-term total-return portfolio

We are committed to offering the highest quality services and sound investment advice to the nonprofit community. 

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