Our Philosophy

Clients Come First (Period).

Our philosophy for conducting business boils down to one person—the client.

1. We believe you should expect honest, competent and ethical conduct that complies with applicable law.

Although financial laws and regulations differ globally, all investors have the right to honesty from financial professionals. Honesty doesn’t just mean a truthful answer to your questions; it also means transparency and forthrightness from the financial professional. You should expect your financial professional to give you all the information that affects the financial decisions you make as well as the information that pertains to the financial decisions made on your behalf.

2. We believe you should expect independent and objective advice and assistance based on informed analysis, prudent judgment and diligent effort.

Financial professionals must base decisions on:

  • Thorough discussions with you about your needs and circumstances
  • Thorough analysis of the products and services that may be used to meet your goals and objectives
  • Carefully considered and supported recommendations

3. We believe your financial interests should take precedence over those of the professional and the organization.

As the owner in a financial transaction, your best interest must be considered before the best interest of the financial professional and his or her organization—always.

4. We believe you should have fair treatment with respect to all clients.

Fair treatment is not always equal treatment, particularly regarding all of a financial professional’s clients. For example, other clients may have different objectives and different risk tolerances, resulting in investment portfolios that are very different from your own. Fairness also means that you should not feel pressured or rushed to make financial decisions.

5. We believe your financial advisor should have an in depth and comprehensive understanding of your circumstances, to ensure all advice  provided is suitable and based on your financial objectives and constraints.

Financial professionals must base decisions on facts directly relevant to your financial circumstances, needs and goals. Financial advice should feel comfortable to you, and if it does not, you have the right to question the financial professionals so that you understand how their advice fits you and your circumstances.

6. We believe you should have clear, accurate, complete and timely communications that use plain language and are presented in a format that conveys the information effectively.

To understand the performance of a financial product, whether it is a checking account, life insurance policy or mutual fund, you must be able to understand the information provided by the financial professional or firm. Thus, you must receive communications – electronic, written, verbal or otherwise – that make sense to you.

7. We believe you are entitled to an explanation of all expenses charged to you, and information showing these expenses to be fair and reasonable.

You have the right to fully understand the expense you are paying for investment services and products. This is true even if your financial product is as simple as a checking account.

8. We believe all your information is confidential.

You have the right to privacy of your personal and financial information. Only financial professionals and their staff directly involved in the investment decision-making or reporting processes should have access to your personal and financial information. Furthermore, your personal financial information should be disclosed to others only if it is required by law through a subpoena, or by a regulator with lawful jurisdiction.

9. We believe there should be appropriate and complete records to support the work done on your behalf.

Financial professionals working on your behalf must document and make readily available to you:

  • All information given to you
  • All products discussed with and offered to you
  • Any decisions that have the potential to affect or have affected your finances (including decisions in which you say no to the product or advice)
  • Any and all other pertinent information


10. We believe that a highly educated and experienced staff is important to handle the complexities of wealth management.

The HHM Wealth staff is committed to:

  • Additional hours of continuing financial and investment education each year
  • Staying up-to-date on trends and industry developments as they occur
  • Maintenance of understanding any changes to law, tax code and economic environment that may impact clients



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